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  • One Touch Location (24)

    One Touch Location: Instantly share your location with friends, partners and colleagues. Let them know where you are! Record your GPS coordinates online and discover points of interest around you.
  • SimpleMapp (3)

    SimpleMapp is a Meta-App for many apps with interesting places around you. You can see SimpleMapp as a tool for your individual location based app. Simply put, SimpleMapp can be used for many use cases where a "set of real locations have to be pinned on a map". This locations/places can be organized in categories/tags for easy filtering. More at
  • Tourality (1)

    Tourality is the most action-packed GPS scavenger hunt for smartphones. The players have to reach Spots as part of Challenges in their surroundings, collect gold and outsmart their co-players using gadgets. They can play alone or with others in the multiplayer mode with up to 40 players in the app.

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