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We would like to test and optionally purchase One Touch Location (Manager) for our staff. Do you offer a volume program for Android or iOS (bulk purchase)?

As we distribute One Touch Location through Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS only, we as developers are bound to the possibilities Google and Apple offer for bulk purchases:

For Android the volume purchase program is called Google Play for Work. You can test, purchase and distribute One Touch Location for your organisation here.

iOS / iPhone:
For iOS, the volume purchase program is called Volume Purchase Program for Business. After you enrolled for the program, you should be able to find, test, purchase and distribute up to n copies of One Touch Location for your organisation through the program. Please note, that Apple offers this program in selected countries only (new countries are added monthly).

As we do not have any feedback of clients using this volume programs until now, we can only provide you with the information we found on the web. Feedback from you with those programs would be highly appreciated, thank you!

Please also note, that in order to stay compliant with Google's and Apple's TOS for their stores, we cannot offer you a bulk purchase option outside of Google Play or Apple App Store programs. We have to pay 30% of all revenue to Google or Apple like every other app developer, so also for bulk purchases.

 Last updated Mon, Dec 9 2013 11:00pm

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